Learn How Xera Works - Quick Start

Xera is a social commerce technology owned 80% by members.

Xera is not a network marketing program. It is a community driven local social commerce platform owned and managed through a network of leaders and pro-members. Decision making, income generation and membership growth is designed to flow through members.

Xera is a social commerce technology owned 80% by members. You can liken Xera to Facebook (Social) and Amazon (Commerce) but 80% of its revenue is distributed back to all members. Every transaction emanates from an xteam (member block) which you call a network.

New members who intend joining Xera, need a sponsor who is an existing member of Xera. The sponsor can only directly sponsor just 4 persons but subsequent referrals are spilled over to his weaker xteam members.

Xera spills over every signup to ensure people are automatically connected to an xteam. Imagine Facebook spilling over its 2.2billion users and placing them on a binary of 4x7 and also sharing all accrued revenue to these associated networks. This is exactly what Xera is doing. Whenever somebody signs up on Xera, he is automatically placed on the next available network (xteam). Early signups are leaders of Xteams, hence the need to sign up early.

Signing up early gives you the opportunity to head an xteam ensuring automated growth and income through the rev-share system. On Xera, somebody that signs up in January is ahead of somebody that joins in February because the algorithm works on first come first serve basis.

Revenue Sources And Revshare

1. E-commerce:
Xera gives local vendors and SMEs a platform to sell their products and services for a commission. Every sales or purchases done on Xera generates a commission which is shared real-time to the community but to the Xteam the transaction emanated from.

2. Social:
Xera engages all its member using our own brand of social engagement tools. Our social engagement focuses more on local content. Xera connects you to local happenings in your LGA and State by streaming relevant feeds on your wall. We generate advertising revenue from the social engagement modules just like Facebook.

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