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1. Do I Need To Upgrade My Account To Convert My Earnings?

Going pro doesn't convert your pending earnings to active. Going PRO only makes you a verified user of the Xera community and gives you full access to its services, discounts and other benefits.

2. How Do I Make My Pending Earnings Active?

There are over N1.5billion in pending earnings right now on Xera. These earnings converts as your downlines engage on the Xera platform. Every swing of actions in Xera generates revenue for your XTeam. As your team engages daily, your referral bonuses move from pending to active. So, once your downline Go Pro by upgrading their membership you start having active earnings of N500 for introducer bonus and N500 as referral bonus.

3. When can one withdraw active earnings?

On the 25th of every month is withdrawal day. So, you will be able to place a withdrawal request for only active earnings.

4. Do I Earn Only When I Refer?

Referring other users only build your capacity for continued residual income monthly because you share a percentage of the individual earnings of every person on your Xteam.

On Xera, you earn money when product are bought, sold via the number of XVotes your own and when you socialize (Xera Social) on the platform.

You earn money when somebody recharge his phone or purchase data. In Xera every swing of action is money earned by an Xteam. If an action will not generate an income we don't add it on Xera.

5. What are the membership Packages and the Prices


Free User
Everyone joins Xera as a Free User but can decide to upgrade their membership immediately. However, if you do not upgrade your membership immediately it means you want to use Xera Social or make purchases (without discounts available to Pro Members) from the XMarket or for Utility bills (DSTV, GOTV, Electricity Bills, WAEC) or Airtime and data purchases.

Pro Verified – ($15) N5,700
You enjoy free N500 worth of XVotes at the current price or value. This bonus would only be available as long as the free XVotes unit remains. You can also shop at discount rates from the XMarket.

XBusiness Pro – ($50) – N19,000
XBusiness membership enjoy N10,000 free XVotes for as long as there are still XVotes to allocate. The XBusiness membership also entitles you to own an e-store on the XMarket as a merchant. All sales would be done by you via the XMarket with all deliverables handled by you or Xera Logistics to the client.

XLeaders Pro ($100) – N38,000
XLeadership membership gives you access to free N20,000 worth of XVotes for as long as there are still Xvotes to allocate. The Xleadership members possess all the features and benefits of the XBusiness account holder plus discounts on XMarket products. However, there are Xleaders without portfolio and Active XLeaders with responsibility to the Xera Community. Active XLeaders enjoy certain benefits, and opportunity to attend or participate in local and international conferences.

7. What are XVotes?

XVotes refers to the basis through which your share or basis for calculating your profit margin in Xera can be calculated. It is the means through which you know what volume or percentage of earnings or profit you can own or benefit from in Xera.

Besides the earnings from Xera social, utility bills and XMarket activities, you can determine how much you own in Xera. XVotes work like shares sold by companies to their stakeholders. So, once you own a specific volume of XVotes, that’s your stake in Xera.

8. What is the Benefits of XVotes?

Without XVotes, you cannot capture real benefits of profit in Xera. XVotes has a specific price value which you can multiply by the volume you own to know your actual stake in Xera. For example, the XVotes started out at N1 as at its launch in November, 2020. In March 2021 the price rose to N1.27k and before the end of March, 2021 it rose to N1.35k.

9. How does the XVote appreciate in price?

The profit from every single transaction that occurs in Xera goes into the RevPool or Revenue Pool. The RevPool is what reflects on the XVotes. So as thousands of transactions take place daily in Xera, it will keep driving the price of the RevPool and by implication, the XVotes.

10. Will the Xvotes price ever fall?

As long as transactions keep occurring in Xera the XVotes price can only go up. The only thing that can happen is that the speed or slowness by which the Xvotes price rises will depend on how large the volume and value of transactions that occur in Xera. The higher the value and volume the faster the XVotes prices jumps.

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