The Xera Benefits For Pro And Free Members

The difference is in strategies and financial goals. Both Pro and Free Users are very important to Xera.

Xera Benefits For Pro Users:

1. The Pro User is actually a stakeholder therefore every growth in Xera directly impact on the financial and welfare status of the Pro User.

Every Pro User is given a free N500 worth XVotes. The XVotes represent a unit of administrative control and ownership of Xera. Xera revenue and transaction fees outside referral activities flows into it. The XVote grows real time and it is projected to be valued above N10 this year 2021. What this implies is that, a pro account having 10,000 XVotes will be valued for N100,000 by end of 2021.

This income is not related to referral commissions, social engagement or sales commissions. This is the real passive income in Xera. You get this benefit because you are an early Pro user. This opportunity will soon close as the total XVotes get exhausted.

2. The Xera referral program is best suited for Pro users because it rewards you N500 per user you referred that goes Pro.

If you are a Free user and you engaged in the referral activities, you will lose those benefits to Pro users because according to the XTeam terms, No free user can host a Pro user. Pro users get all spill over account upgrade bonus.

Going Pro early positions you to capture more of these spill overs. Without referring, your downlines get filled from generation 1 to 7 guaranteeing you the maximum $20,000 referral system cashouts.

3. Welfare And Community Activities Xera has a thriving community that is rapidly expanding globally powered by top members known as XLeaders. They ensure welfare and physical social connection with all members of the community who are Pro users.

Xera currently have community units in the United kingdom, Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and the United States. These units are welfare based and constantly protect your interest and that of your family.

If you would ever need legal supports, health, travel, education or even want the presence of Xera in your events like weddings, graduation ceremonies, child dedication etc, then you should deepen your membership by going Pro.

4. Other exclusive privileges of the Xera platform for the Pro user include buying products at the XMarket at a discount, credit facilities with XVotes collateralized, job opportunities within Xera globally, leadership opportunities within the Xera community units and also attending leadership conferences internationally.

A Pro User encapsulates Xera and all its benefits in a single action.

This is what happens when you go Pro:

i.) You help expand the network by encouraging your sponsors to do more. At the point you go Pro, N3,500 is paid to 7 of your sponsors as thank you bonus.
ii.) You pay a one-time membership due of $1.3 to your Xera community unit.
This is part of the running cost of the XLeaders and the various community units globally.
iii.) You make a small investment of N500 worth of XVotes.
iv.) You pay a Xera management N500 for ensuring the system and the community is maintained.

The Xera FREE Users

The FREE users are a vital part of Xera because over time, the Pro user option will seize to exist when the limit is reached. On the long run, Xera will only allow for Free user signups just like Facebook and Amazon.

Facebook is 100% free and gives zero financial benefit to any user yet they make over $30million daily. Facebook benefits more from the Free users. In Xera, we pay the Free user to engage or social network.

The option of paying users to engage on Xera is permanent. It is an option the FREE and PRO users enjoy. A Free user is paid for every LIKE, COMMENT, POST, VIDEO or PHOTO he makes on Xera. We pay you for every swing of actions you take on Xera.

The Free user also gets N500 for every pro user who used his link to sign up to Xera.

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