How The Xera Referral Program Works

Xera rewards all pro-members who refer people to join the network.

You can earn as much as ₦10,922,087 from the Xera profit program by simply referring new users. The system uses a spillover algorithm that evenly distributes downlines across your team network. You can add or remove inactive downlines from your list.

Xera is not a network marketing program. It is a community driven local social commerce platform owned and managed through a network of leaders and pro-members. Decision making, income generation and membership growth is designed to flow through members. Every member has a leader!

Xera rewards all pro-members who refer people to join the network. It uses a binary system that reward you for every new activated signups and products sold through your team network or downlines.

The binary has a width 4 and it is 7 generation deep. You earn from all your downlines 7 generation deep and you can refer as many direct downlines as possible and get rewarded. All downlines outside the maximum 4 direct referrals are spilled over to your downlines who are yet to fill in their maximum 4 direct referrals.

You earn cash rewards whenever a qualified event takes place within your network. You earn cash bonus for every new downline added to your network till 7 generations. You also get percentage commission whenever any of your downlines buy products or services on Xera.

Your referral cash reward accumulation grows through 7 cycles as outlined below:

Levels Downlines Cash Reward
JADE 4 ₦2,000
PEARL 16 ₦8,000
SAPPHIRE 64 ₦32,000
RUBY 256 ₦128,001
EMERALD 1,024 ₦512,004
DIAMOND 4,096 ₦2,048,016
DIRECTOR 16,384 ₦8,192,066

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