Frequently Asked Questions (Page 3)

A-Z Questions and Answers About Xera

21. How Many Generations is the Referral System in Xera?

There are Seven (7) Generations deep for your downlines (4-16-64-256-1,024-4,096-16,384)

22. What is the Earning potential up to Generation Seven (7) if I have active earnings?

You can earn a total of N10,922,000 when all your downlines upgrade their account overtime.
Gen 1 - 4 x N500 = N2,000
Gen 2 – 16 x N500 = N8000
Gen 3 – 64 x N500 = N32,000
Gen 4 – 256 x N500 = N128,000
Gen 5 – 1,024 x N500 = N512,000
Gen 6 – 4,096 x N500 = N2,048,000
Gen 7 - 16,384 x N500 = N8,192,000
Total – N10,922,000:00k (Ten million nine hundred and twenty-two thousand naira only)

23. Can I still earn from the Referral program once it gets to the maximum?

Once it gets to Gen 7 your XTeam is complete and you can no longer earn on that tree. But you can still earn from other activities like Xera Social and EVP earnings from the utility and adverts.

24. How Can I continue to earn from the Referral System after Gen 7?

A single account can no longer earn after Gen 7

25. Can I own Multiple Accounts to Keep Earning?

Yes, you are allowed to own as many legal accounts in Xera. But you are advised to Upgrade your membership on each (Go Pro).

26. What is Xera Social?

It is the social interaction arm of Xera that pays you for doing the normal things you would do on other social networks like Facebook. You can use it by posting comments, share photos, videos.

27. How Can I earn on Xera Social?

You can start generating earnings on Xera social based on the number of views and comments that comes from your posts, photos, videos or likes. Each per 1,000 views can generate good earnings for you.

28. What is the minimum earning I can withdraw on Xera Social?

You need a minimum of $50 in earnings before you can withdraw any cash from Xera Social. As the system is fully automated it would become a lot easier to earn from Adverts and start seeing earnings move automatically to your active earnings and ready for withdrawals.

29. How Can I become An Active Xleader?

By upgrading your membership to Xleader package of N38,000 and sending an application for consideration. If the LGA or State you are applying for is vacant then an interview would be conducted to bring you onboard.

30. What Makes one eligible for Xleader position?

Such a person must be a mobilizer who can coordinate teams, organize conferences, be able to write and submit regular reports, resolve issues of the Xera members within that community and ensure everything about Xera works well.

31. Do XLeaders have a reward?

Apart from the N20,000 XVotes allocation only available while there are still free Xvotes on the dashboard, XLeaders shall receive stipends based on the membership acquisition per month in his or her locality.

32. What are the Conditions for Owning an XBlue Shop in Xera?

You must have a XBusiness Pro membership account, own a physical store for housing Xera products, employ and manage staff and own a minimum of 250,000 XVotes.

33. What is the Benefit of Owning an XBlue Shop?

Xera stocks goods in your shop and 50% of the profit generated from your XBlue Shop goes to you the store owner.

34. I am not too good with Computer, How Can I sell on Xera XMarket as a Merchant?

Xera field Managers will visit your location to take photos of your products and upload them on your e-store. Once there is an order for your goods, he or she will call you and let you know how the goods would be delivered.

35. How will I receive payments for Goods sold a XMerchant?

Management will provide a basis for all payments received to be credited to your account at a specific time, either on a daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis.

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