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A-Z Questions and Answers About Xera

11. What is the minimum or maximum Number of Xvotes to buy?

As long as there are XVotes on the board you can purchase as much as you can afford. The minimum volume you can purchase is 2,000 units. The maximum depends on the number of XVotes still available for sale.

12. What if the XVotes gets finished how do I get when I upgrade My Membership?

Once the free unit of XVotes gets finished, then new members can only enjoy discounts and referrals bonuses. Once there are no XVotes, there can be no free allocations of XVotes. So, the best time to own XVotes is to upgrade your membership before XVotes gets exhausted and then purchase more from as little as 2,000 units.

13. Is there any other means of owning XVotes?

If you have active earnings from your referral activities or from Xera Social (after $50) you can use that to purchase XVotes by convertion (Cash to XVotes).

14. When can I convert my XVotes to Cash?

Once the entire free volume of XVotes on the dashboard has been sold out then it would be possible for members to start selling their XVotes if they so wish.

15. If I sell my XVotes Will I still Own XVotes?

No, once sold it is gone for life except your get to purchase more.

16. Can I sell my XVotes in fractions or bits?

Sell, you have total liberty to sell your XVotes in bits as you wish. For example, you can own 1 Million Xvotes and decide to sell only 1, 50, 500, 1,350, 4,500 XVotes or even 10,000 XVotes or higher. You could also decide to sell the whole units you own

18. How can I acquire more XVotes after it gets exhausted?

You can purchase from the Secondary market or through Peer-to-Peer. You can buy from other members who are interested in selling theirs and they can then transfer to you at the point.

19. Can I Upgrade My Account With My Pending Earnings?

No you can't. You will need to wait for the pending earnings to convert before going pro. The quickest way to ensure your pending earnings convert to active earnings is when your downlines upgrade their account.

20. Do All Earnings On Xera Always Go First To Pending?

No. Only the referral system moves bonuses from pending to active. Other earnings (Xera social) are active as they come in. The referral program doesn't instantly generate revenue for the system but does as the referred users engage on Xera. This is also because referrals can be easily generated by bots or by the sponsor himself by creating dummy or fake accounts using his own link.

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